Human fools, we were here first

As official representatives of the ancient shapeshifting cabal that runs this planet, the Grand Reptilian Council wishes to communicate its displeasure at the blatant falsehoods recently published in The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that new Fox Entertainment project Krapopolis is to be the world’s first on the blockchain. …

The blockchain’s weirdest cryptocurrency continues to break new ground with the announcement that Reptilian Coin (RPTC), the currency at the core of the shapeshifting Reptilian takeover of planet Earth, will soon feature in a pilot for an animated series.

The Currency of the New World Order

‘The expanding influence of the Grand Reptilian narrative has led to…

A hot new cryptocurrency looks set to revolutionize money markets with its unorthodox value proposition, bizarre characters and out of this world storyline.

The Currency of the New World Order

Most new blockchain technologies promise financial services or transparent public ledgers, but Reptilian Coin offers something different.

‘Essentially, coin holders will be protected from becoming a blood…

Reptilian Coin $RPTC

The world-wide Illuminati uprising is here. Our Reptilian Overlords are taking over and documenting their story right here on Medium.

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