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3 min readOct 7, 2021

What if hodling cryptocurrency could literally save you from blood sacrifice at the hands of humanity’s merciless Reptilian overlords?

Launching its first-look teaser on October 10th, Hail Draconis is a crypto-native animated comedy series following the adventures of the Grand Reptilian Council, the shadowy, shapeshifting cabal of lizards pulling the strings of global power. The episode was funded entirely through the launch of Reptilian Coin ($RPTC), the official currency of the Reptilian New World Order.

Where other blockchain animation projects have structured their release around the sale and holding of NFTs, Hail Draconis centres its bespoke meme coin as they key to user interaction. $RPTC is an entertainment coin that unlocks access to exclusive NFT airdrops, audience interactivity and bonus content tied to each episode. Then there’s the coin’s most important utility: holders of $RPTC will be spared from the upcoming blood sacrifice, when all Earth-bound Reptilians shed their human form and drink the blood of the unworthy.

“Focusing on $RPTC as the engine behind this series allows us to share our world domination propaganda as widely as possible.” said Cryptore, the Grand Reptilian Council’s Master of Coin. “There are millions of sheeple out there, waiting to be awoken to the good word of their lizard overlords. In turn, their purchase of $RPTC supports the series and creation of more quality content.”

Still of Cryptore in the upcoming episode, from an NFT preview leaked to loyal HODLers

Hail Draconis has been in development since October 2020, making it the first blockchain animation to be publicly announced — and the only one to combine a custom currency with NFTs as part of its rollout. The Grand Reptilian Council’s in-house slaves have been working tirelessly against their will to bring its conspiracy theory-laden world to life, including animators Dirty Puppet (Netflix’s Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun), composers Niv Toar and Gabriel Mann (Modern Family, A Million Little Things) and the creative tech OGs at Designed for Crypto (behind CryptoCats, one of world’s first NFT collections). Voice Director Michael Sinterniklaas (NYAC Post), whose voice direction and post-production work for animation has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards and Golden Globes, will be producing the series alongside Australian production company Truce Films.

Beyond animation, the Hail Draconis Metaverse bleeds into the real world in a multiplatform storyworld combining Twitter accounts run by the Grand Reptilian Council, NFT airdrops, and an active Discord community (‘The Reptorium’). Development is underway for a further 6 episodes, along with NFT collections and a second issue of the Hail Draconis NFT comic in collaboration with SkullX.

Cryptore is ebullient: “We welcome all readers to join our mission for world domination. Though if $RPTC isn’t on your buy list, don’t come crying to us when society falls and your organs are nailed to an obelisk in the centre of the Pacific Ocean.”

The first-look episode of Hail Draconis will be dropped October 10, 2021 at

For updates on the Reptilian takeover of Earth, you can follow @haildraconis on Twitter or join The Reptorium on Discord.


I’m Scriblore, your Komodo in the know and official scribe for the Grand Reptilian Council. Previously worked for Buckingham Palace, now honoured to be spreading the word of the One True Coin and bringing you the inside scoop on all things Draconis. In my spare time I like to listen to the tortured screams of the unworthy. Tweets @netflix



Reptilian Coin $RPTC

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