Grand Reptilian Council contracts sinister marketing corporation AndMine

Reptilian Coin $RPTC
2 min readApr 13, 2021

As the Dark Moon of Draconis turns its scarred face once again towards Earth, its stark light reveals the latest partner of the Grand Reptilian Council: digital marketing agency AndMine.

With a dark influence that spreads across the Asia-Pacific region, AndMine is one of Earth’s leading digital marketing agencies, bringing years of expertise in human manipulation to the project of the New World Order. They will be guiding the digital strategy and online home of Hail Draconis. This will begin with a new website and a detailed marketing plan, both of which are currently in development.

“The loyalty and prudence of the $RPTC-holders thus far is a model for the New World Order — but we can and will go further” said Crucifore, Master of Prophecy. “AndMine’s mission is to open the eyes of the uninitiated masses, and bring our glorious cause to the cryptosphere and beyond.”

The comfortingly faceless corporation has worked with brands like Uber, MG, Shell and Mecca, and will neither confirm nor deny their involvement in a recent underground campaign to raise awareness of international shipping routes.

“Communications networks… transport… government… food supply chains… the portion of your lives already invisibly controlled by AndMine is vast” said Cryptore, Master of Coin. “It is not too much to ask humans to add the One True Coin to that list.”

“Our role is to procure and convert fresh minds to the Reptilian Horde, and to build $RPTC into a world-leading currency” added a representative from AndMine, smiling widely and unblinkingly. “We have been working towards total world domination for some time… to be in official partnership with the Council is a great honour. We will stop at nothing to reach our goal. Hail Draconis!”

Vive le reptilien!


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Reptilian Coin $RPTC

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