Grand Reptilian Council enlists Gendry Morales for $RPTC global domination

Gendry with CryptoCats (Gendry is on the right).

Saving puny humans, one NFT at a time

Morales has brought a strong focus to the NFT reward structures, integrating them together with $RPTC tokenomics and the rollout of the crypto-native animation series Hail Draconis. You’ll start to see her influence on the strategy in the coming weeks as more of the battle plan is revealed to the Horde.

Cryptore in the latest Grand Reptilian Council Propaganda Campaign poster.

An innovator in the Cryptosphere

Morales’ first foray into blockchain began with CryptoCats in late 2017. One of the scarcest Vintage NFTs with only 625 tokens, it was among the first NFTs to hit mainnet before the ERC721 standard and before CryptoKitties. The team collaborated with Larva Labs, the makers of CryptoPunks, including creating a Punk Kitten in the set of tokens. When CryptoCats were rediscovered 238 Eth worth of cats were traded in only a few days and the cats have become a hot collectors’ item.

Morales leads a Game Theory and Mechanism Design workshop at Devcon Prague.



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Reptilian Coin $RPTC

Reptilian Coin $RPTC

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