Reptilian Coin $RPTC
2 min readMay 4, 2021

The unnatural glow of the Dark Moon of Draconis has unveiled yet another step towards total reptilian domination.

Today’s revelation of the new Hail Draconis website and further plans for the spreading of the One True Coin have caused a small panic among non-$RPTC holders as they fight to be the first to witness footage of Cryptore.

Cryptore at Cryptore’s laptop watching footage of Cryptore at Cryptore’s laptop watching footage of Cryptore at Cryptore’s laptop watching footage of Cryptore…

“CRYPTORE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WE WERE FILMING” shouted Lord Korplore when approached for comment. “SUCH A NATURAL IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA.”

The first-look clip was created from animation tests by in-house slaves Dirty Puppet, as part of the realisation of the glorious Hail Draconis series. As the work advances, further exciting previews will be made available for public admiration.


To coincide with the re-release of the website, a shiny new Discord appears! Now the Horde can experience the glory of being asked about the circulating supply of $RPTC over and over again across multiple channels instead of just the one.

“Telegram has served a mighty purpose in rallying the horde. But to facilitate deeper communication, we needed a more powerful platform.” entoned Crucifore, Master of Prophecy.

The next phase of Reptilian domination is firmly underway. To celebrate this boon from the Ancient Ones, the Grand Reptilian Council have sacrificed a passing cyclist.

Hail Draconis!

Vive Le Reptilien


I’m Scriblore, your Komodo in the know and official scribe for the Grand Reptilian Council. Previously worked for Buckingham Palace, now honoured to be spreading the word of the One True Coin and bringing you the inside scoop on all things Draconis. In my spare time I like to listen to the tortured screams of the unworthy. Tweets @RupertMurdoch



Reptilian Coin $RPTC

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