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2 min readDec 22, 2021

The Grand Reptilian Council is pleased to announce the acquisition of yet another partner in their surreptitious takeover of Earth… Webby Award-winning digital studio Two Bulls.

Perhaps best known for running the simulation in which we all live, Two Bulls use the quantum brainpower of their trademark neural network of flesh-slaves to create apps, games and interactive projects to keep the human populace under control.

After working with Disney, Verizon and PBS, joining forces with the Grand Reptilian Council seemed a natural next step for Two Bulls CEO and founder James Kane.

“We’ve long been admirers of Lord Korplore’s work, so it was only a matter of time before we joined forces.” stated Kane over neural link. “Our shared interest in world domination has been fertile ground for collaboration, and we are excited to share in the vast spoils of the New World Order.”

Crucifore, Master of Prophecy, is as usual mysterious and erudite.

“Just as a black hole has an insatiable appetite for new planets and galaxies, the expansion of the Hail Draconis Universe moves ever outwards. The Unholy Tarot predicts a very exciting project in the works… very exciting indeed…”

Great things are afoot.


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Reptilian Coin $RPTC

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